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Labo. MemberS


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kataoka R.

(D3) Waleed A.

(D2) Yamaguchi T.

(D1) Md. Tareq Bin Salam 

(M2) Namiki D.


(M1) Kitagawa D.

(M1) Doi R.

(B4) Nakano S.

(B4) Arai Y.

(B4) Nigaki A.

(B4) Shimoda M.


Alumni and Alumnae

Dr. Samidha Verma

Dr. Mahmood A.

Akashi M.

Kondo S.

Kurosawa A.

Sasaki K.

Amaya R.

Iguchi R.

Ito H. 

Tanikawa H.

Washida A.


Matsuo S.

Kitahara Y.



Research topics

Keyword of our research is

"Agriculture and Environment".


Our research topics are
(1) Microbe assisted phytoremediation of salinity soil using Plant Growth Promoting Microbes.
(2) Development of organic agricultural technology using green manure.
(3) Reuse of food waste for organic fertilizer.
(4) Microbe assisted phytoremediation of soil pollutants.

(5) Endophytic microorganisms, especially, plant growth promoting endophytic bacteria and fungi.

labo. News!!

6th April, 2022

The peach blossoms are in full bloom!! Our labo. manages 9 peach trees in university farm. Really hope to be able to harvest delicious peaches this year too.


We are conducting research that contributes to agriculture and the environment through soil science and soil microbiology. In particular, we are trying to research how we can maximize the functions of soil, enabling soil quality, plant-microbial interactions, and bioremediation of soil pollution. We would like to conduct laboratory works and fieldworks to elucidate various phenomena that occur in nature.


18th Mar. 2022

Congratulations on the graduation!

Mr. Matsuo, Kitahara and Kitagawa graduated today!!

14th Dec. 2021

Mr. Tareq finally joins our Labo as PhD student of MEXT scholar.

Welcome to our Labo!!

29th Sep. 2021

We are conducting research on the growth environment of Akebono soybeans which are low production and are grew only in Minobu town, Yamanashi.

28th Sep. 2021

We are conducting research to avoid the continuous cropping disorders of Taro by using garbage liquid fertilizer.

1st Oct., 2021

Mr. Md. Tareq Bin Salam has been joined our labo., although he hasn't entered Japan yet. I hope he can enter and join to our labo as soon as possible! 

1st Oct., 2021

Three new members have been joined to our laboratory.

20th May, 2021

I went to Hokuto city to take soil samples at where the field managed by organic farming. 

30th April, 2021

Yamaguchi who is one of my PhD students was selected to doctor fellowship in university of yamanashi. He will get the scholarship (Approx.16,000 US$/year) and research budget for 3 years.

16th Feb, 2021

Akashi, Kondo and Yamaguchi had a final defense presentation for their master thesis.

It was great presentation!!

5th Feb, 2021

Namiki and Sugiyama had a final defense presentation for their thesis.

It was nice presentation!!

24th SEP, 2020

New members have joined our labo.!!

Welcome to our labo.!!

30th OCT, 2020

Namiki and Sugiyama had a midterm presentation for their thesis.

**th **, 2020

Dr. Samidha has achieved to produce a mushroom like photo using food waste and poultry compost!

3rd JULY, 2020

Labo is working!! 

19th MARCH, 2020

Mahmood A. finished a doctoral course and also completed his doctorates.

Congratulations!!! I'm really happy.

19th MARCH, 2020

Graduation ceremony in labo!!


1st February, 2020

Dr. Samidha joined my labo.

She is a specialist of mushroom!!


Welcome to my labo!!

20th Feb., 2019


The book has been released by Gihoudo publisher, which title is Toward sustainable dryland agriculture.

2nd Feb., 2019


Dr. Kataoka gave a presentation about the use of garbage fertilizer in Kai city, Yamanashi.

20th Mar., 2019


B4 students graduated. Congrats!! 

20th-24th Mar., 2019


Dr. Kataoka gave an invited talk in China on remediation of soil pollutants.

14th May, 2019


The book has been released by Springer, which title is Ecophysiology, Abiotic stress respnses and utilization of halophytes. We contributed chapter 8, which title is Halophytic Microbiome in ameliorating the stress.

27th May., 2019


New research article was accepted in Waste Management, entitle is  "Multifunctional food waste fertilizer having the capability of Fusarium-growth inhibition and phosphate solubility: A new horizon of food waste recycle using microorganisms".

31th May, 2019 and 7th JUNE, 2019

Labo. seminar!!

13th JUNE, 2019

New research article was accepted in World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, entitle is  "Changes in Endophytic Bacterial Communities During Different Growth Stages of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)".

17-19th JUNE, 2019

Mr. Ahmad, our doctor course student, is joining the international congress of soil science in Turkey.

18th JUNE, 2019

Mr. Ahmad gave a great presentation at the soil congress in Turkey!! Great job, Ahmad!!

2nd JULY, 2019

I checked to use the soil analyzer. 
It's possible to use now!!!


5th NOVEMBER, 2019

We joined ESAES 2019 in Taiwan. Mahmood, Yamaguchi and Akashi had good presentation!!

PUBLICATIONS (2019-2022)

  • Asghar, W.; Kataoka, R. (2022) Different Green Manures (Vicia villosa and Brassica juncea) Construct Different Fungal Structures, Including Plant-Growth-Promoting Effects, after Incorporation into the Soil. Agronomy, 12, 323.
  • Ito K, Kataoka R, Katayama S, Kiyota H, Mahmood A, Kikuchi T, Sato T, Sakakibara F, Takagi K (2022) Isolation of a novel endophytic Bacillus strain capable of transforming pentachlorophenol and structure determination of pentachlorophenol phosphate using single crystal X-ray diffraction, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY, 70, 3, 770–776
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